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At The End Of A Perfect Day

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At The End of a Perfect Day

Perfect Day

Oh Lord, I'm tired, it's time to go to bed,
Way, after midnight, and the wine's gone to my head,
Lying here upon the shore just listening to the waves,
And it's been a perfect day.

Packed up a picnic and set off for the sea,
Taking all the back roads where no-one else would be,
Me and you and Paul and Sue,
How we laughed the time away,
And we had a perfect day.

I brought along my old guitar,
And lying there beneath the stars,
We sang all the Beatle songs we knew,
Lord you should have heard those harmonies,
When we did Nowhere Man and Let It Be...

My love, if we should break up,
Should we ever part,
And you're searching for some memory,
To help your aching heart,
Forget about the hurtful things,
That lovers often say,
And remember this perfect day.

Then people start coming around the fire,
And I was strumming at my old guitar,
Trying to think of something everybody knew,
And then you said "though it's far away,
A Christmas song would really make my day."
And everbody sang...

And all I really want to do,
Is sing songs for you,
Then it's been a perfect day,
Yes it's been a perfect day

Chris de Burgh 1977

At The End of a Perfect Day  August 1977
A&M 394 647-2 1977

1. Broken Wings 3:07

2. Round And Around 3:06

3. I Will 3:30

4. Summer Rain 4:00

5. Discovery 2:54

6. Brazil 3:13

8. A Rainy Night In Paris 3:21

9. If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go 4:01

10. Perfect Day 4:01

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massive thanks go out to
Rainer Muenz
for this, his collection
of Chris de Burgh related
materials, including some rare

Chris de Burgh at the piano


In A Country Churchyard

In a country churchyard there's a preacher with his people,
Gathered all around to join a man and woman,
Spring is here and turtledoves are singing from the steeple,
Bees are in the flowers, growing in the graveyard,
And over the hill, where the river meets the mill,
A lovely girl is coming down,
To give her hand upon her wedding day...

Dressed in simple white and wearing flowers in her hair,
Music as she walks slowly to the altar,
And picking up his bible then the preacher turns towards her,
"Will you take this man to be your wedded husband,
to honour and love in the eyes of God above,
Now let the people sing with me,
The words to live forever in your heart...

Let your love shine on,
For we are the stars in the sky,
Let your love shine strong,
Until the day you fly away"

Many years have fallen on that golden country morning,
The graveyard's overgrown, the church lies in ruins,
Ivy on the walls and ravens wheeling round above me,
As I made my way towards the last remaining headstone,
I fell to my knees, read the lines beneath the leaves,
And suddenly it seemed to me,
I heard the words like singing in the trees...

Let your love shine on,
For we are the stars in the sky,
Let your love shine strong,
Until the day you fly...

Let your love shine on,
For we are the stars in the sky,
Let your love shine strong,
Until the day you fly, fly away...

In A Country Churchyard
singing in the trees

In A Country Churchyard: the single

(Midland Network)
The church and conservation
project was set up in 1987
to develop work relating
contemporary thought and
practice in conservation
to the life of the churches,
 their land holdings and the
 wider concerns of the
with the church in
the rural community.

At first glance the churchyard
is merely a piece of land
surrounding the church building,
given a different status from
any garden simply because
of its role as the burial ground.
Yet a closer look shows
that the relationship is much
more complicated and
unique than at first it seems
and one which only now
conservationists are beginning
to recognise. Not only does
the churchyard have a
significant role in terms
of local biodiversity and
social history but the
building/curtilage relationship is,
in fact, vital for those
species that dwell in these
special places

this project was established in 1987
as a joint venture between
 English Nature,
then called the
Nature Conservancy Council,
and the Arthur Rank Centre -
the national rural ecumenical centre
in Warwickshire. The aims of
the project were two-fold;
firstly to challenge the
Christian churches on the
management of their landholdings
and secondly to act as a
bridge between the secular
nature conservation organisations
and the churches.

Several churchyards
in Warwickshire
(and across England)
are being managed to
encourage wildlife -
flowers, birds, butterflies
 and animals, and to
conserve lichens.This
is referred to as the
Living Churchyards and
Cemetery Project.
. This page contains a
few pictures of some
of the churches in
Warwickshire taking part
in this scheme.

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