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Far Beyond These Castle Walls

Chris de Burgh
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Bargy Castle:  An Interactive Tour
Bargy Castle. County Wicklow, Ireland, The home, from age 12, of Chris de Burgh

In keeping with our offering you all the useful information we can find, we offer you here, an episode of history involving Beanchamp Bagenal Harvey, the then owner of Bargy Castle, and his role in the ill fated Wexford Rebellion of 1798

1798 Rebellion, Wexford

Beanchamp Bagenal Harvey of Bargy Castle was a lawyer and a member of the United Irishmen. Aged 36, he was in command at the battle of New Ross on June 5th 1798, which ended in defeat. He was overwhelmed by this disaster and by the massacre of over 100 suspected loyalists at Scullabogue the same day. On the 7th June he was replaced as Commander-in-Chief by Fr. Philip Roche. He planned to escape to France, but like many of the rebels, he was betrayed and hanged.

County Wexford

County Wexford is located in the Southeast corner of Ireland.
County Wexford enjoys a rare mix of mountains, valleys, rivers, flora, fauna and breathtaking beaches spanning 200 km of coastline.
If you'd like more information about this absolutely wonderful corner of Ireland, activities or indeed require specific information, please send an email here

Far Beyond These Castle Walls 1975
Release Date : January 1975

 Hold On 4:02

 The Key 4:06

Windy Night 4:54
Sin City 4:36
New Moon 4:56
Watching The World 3:31
Lonesome Cowboy 4:21
Satin Green Shutters 5:02

 Turning Round 6:22

 Goodnight 2:06

Chris de Burgh
Chris de Burgh

Wexford....Capture the Spirit

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