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Into The Light

Chris de Burgh
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Of all the books in The Bible, none has fired the Western imagination more than this mysterious last one - John's Apocalypse

Chris de Burgh and Guitar

The Leader
I looked to the North, and I turned to the West,
For a sign, a light in the sky,
Oh the message is clear, that the time is near,
For a leader to come again;

A circle of stones on the head of a hill,
Tonight is where it will be,
In this desolate place, we all stand and wait,
For a leader to come again, yes a leader will come again,

For it is written, that a leader will be here,
And then a vision, left me blinded by the light,
And it started right in front of my eyes...

The Vision

And I saw a burning chariot,
And the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Waiting on high,
And I heard the thunder rolling in,
And behold our leader on a pale horse riding in the sky;

And I saw this land a battlefield,
With a hundred thousand men,
Fighting hand to hand,
And I heard the sounds of victory,
And the rivers ran red with the blood of our enemies,

And I saw the fire from the sky,
I saw fire, and I saw paradise,
Fire from the sun, I saw fire,
And I saw Alpha and Omega;

Fire, I saw fire,
And I saw paradise,
Fire, I saw fire;

What About Me?

I am left in the night, trembling with fear,
I have seen to the future, and the future is here,
Our leader will bring victory, but our land is in flames,
And as the final sounds of battle disappear, I had to say,

What about me, and you, and the ones that we love,
What about me, and you, and the ones that we love, 
Well what about us?

  Chris de Burgh 1986

a note: we've used four different versions of  The Bible for the links relating to
The Revelation To John (The Book of Revelation)
The Album tracks: The Leader - King James Version
                             The Vision - New International Version, UK
                             What about Me? - Wycliffe New Testament
 the version that is on this website via the link at the lower
right hand side: New International Version

Into The Light
Release Date : May 1986

the music you hear:
Last Night.
from Into The Light

1. Last Night 6:07
2. Fire On The Water 4:28
3. The Ballroom Of Romance 4:26
4. The Lady In Red 4:16
5. Say Goodbye To It All 5:23
6. The Spirit Of Man 4:40
7. Fatal Hesitation 4:16
8. One Word (Straight To The Heart) 4:30
9. For Rosanna 3:39
10. The Leader 2:16
11. The Vision 3:13
12. What About Me?

 a concert in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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