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Chris de Burgh
Journeys and Landscapes
Far Beyond These Castle Walls
Spanish Train
At The End Of A Perfect Day
Eastern Wind
The Getaway
Man On The Line
Into The Light
Flying Colours
High On Emotion: Live From Dublin!
Power of Ten
This Way Up
Beautiful Dreams
The Love Songs
Quiet Revolution
Notes From Planet Earth
Timing Is Everything
The Road To Freedom
The River Sessions
The Storyman
The Story Man Tour 2006
There's Room In This Heart Tonight
Live From Bangkok
The Man On The Line
The De Burgh Archives And Wine Cellar
Transmission Ends

BBC Music

It's Life That Matters

A wonderful moment for The Davidsons
Ok so we couldn't resist one photograph.....

an absolutely fascinating
voice and a writer of great songs

Beloved Anfield

CdeB was here
as a small boy

At the Nordhoff - Robbins in
North London over 200 children and
adults receive music therapy weekly 
help us help them

where children matter

cruelty to children must stop

Thursday, 7 June, 2001,
20:38 GMT 21:38 UK

Research Trust
Finding a  cure for brain tumours
for children and adults

The Prince's Trust exists
to help young people
overcome barriers and
get their lives working.

CdeB studied
English and French here

The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

the interview that was
the inspiration for this page

Chris de Burgh

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