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Journeys and Landscapes

Chris de Burgh
Journeys and Landscapes
Far Beyond These Castle Walls
Spanish Train
At The End Of A Perfect Day
Eastern Wind
The Getaway
Man On The Line
Into The Light
Flying Colours
High On Emotion: Live From Dublin!
Power of Ten
This Way Up
Beautiful Dreams
The Love Songs
Quiet Revolution
Notes From Planet Earth
Timing Is Everything
The Road To Freedom
The River Sessions
The Storyman
The Story Man Tour 2006
There's Room In This Heart Tonight
Live From Bangkok
The Man On The Line
The De Burgh Archives And Wine Cellar
Transmission Ends

Chris de Burgh

"I'm thoroughly on the same road I set off on all those years ago, and this is still the way I want to go. I refuse to pander to outside pressures or demands. I've never followed fashion or been bothered about trends. Trends come and go; I've merely been interested in
building a lasting career. I'm not selling anything - this is me, that's
all. I'm presenting my vision to the world." -Chris de Burgh

Born in Argentina, on October 15th 1948, Christopher John Davison
(Chris De Burgh) s the son of a Charles Davison and 
Maeve Emily de Burgh, a British diplomat and an Irish
secretary, and grew up in Malta, Nigeria and Zaire.
However, when he was twelve, his grandfather,  
in Ireland, and the family settled there. His parents converted
the castle into a hotel and Chris performed to the guests while
they were having dinner, plus he and his brother helped with the
guest's bags, and, in his own words..."spilled the soup..."While
at university, Chris played his music in hairdressers and hamburger
restaurants but in 1974 he finally got his first recording contract
with A & M records. He released his debut album
Far Beyond These Castle Walls in 1975 and a single, Turning Round 
went, in the most unlikely of places Brazil,  to number one having
sold over half a million copies and remaining at number one for 17
weeks.It was called Flying, because it happens to be the first word
of the first verse, and is easier to say, in Portugese.His classic
single The Lady In Red has amassed worldwide sales of over eight
million and is easily the best known of all his hits, ensuring great
popularity and winning him six annual awards from the
Association of Composers and Publishers. And he continues to
travel the world performing sell out tours in all corners of the globe.

These are the landscapes of , this musician, this storyteller,
Chris de Burgh. We have loved the man since hearing his song
 'Just Another Poor Boy' and have wandered through the succeeding
landscapes that have been conjured up for us, by his songs. On
this site, we're going to try and find some of those landscapes...the
landscapes of war and peace, of love and parting, of life and death,
but most of all, of people and place and time. Come along on the
journey, and through place and time, once more......

Bargy Castle. join us for an interactive tour.
Bargy Castle

Chris de Burgh
Chris de Burgh

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