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The River Sessions

Chris de Burgh
Journeys and Landscapes
Far Beyond These Castle Walls
Spanish Train
At The End Of A Perfect Day
Eastern Wind
The Getaway
Man On The Line
Into The Light
Flying Colours
High On Emotion: Live From Dublin!
Power of Ten
This Way Up
Beautiful Dreams
The Love Songs
Quiet Revolution
Notes From Planet Earth
Timing Is Everything
The Road To Freedom
The River Sessions
The Storyman
The Story Man Tour 2006
There's Room In This Heart Tonight
Live From Bangkok
The Man On The Line
The De Burgh Archives And Wine Cellar
Transmission Ends

The River Sessions
Label for UK/Eire: River Records (catalog no:RIVERCD019)
Label for Germany, Scandaniva, Benelux:
 Hypertension Music (catalog no: 4232)
Date Released: November 29, 2004 (UK, Eire, Germany) and December 6, 2004 (Scandinavia, Benelux)

Discovered in the tape archive of Scottish Radio Holdings by their chief executive, Richard Findlay, comes this excellent Chris De Burgh concert from the legendary Glasgow Apollo, originally broadcast by Radio Clyde in November, 1981. A concise distillation of his best work up to that point. As an added bonus there is a second CD with two tracks from a 1979 Radio Clyde session, as well as an interview conducted at the session. Digitally remastered from the original 10" master tapes.

A Rainy Night In Paris

It's a rainy night in Paris,
And the harbour lights are low.
He must leave his love in Paris
Before the winter snow;

On a lonely street in Paris
He held her close to say,
"We'll meet again in Paris
When there are flowers on the Champs-Elysees."

"How long" she said "How long,
And will your love be strong, 
When you're across the sea,
Will your heart remember me?..."

Then she gave him words to turn to,
When the winter nights were long,
"Nous serons encore amoureux
Avec les couleurs du printemps..."

"And then" she said "And then,
Our love will grow again."
Ah but in her eyes he sees
Her words of love are only words to please...

And now the lights of Paris
Grow dim and fade away,
And I know by the light of Paris
I will never see her again...
1977 Orginally to be found on

River Records RIVERCD019 2004

CD 2
1. Interview
2. Quiet Moments
3. Interview
4. Broken Wings
5. Interview

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